about us

It all started in 1971 when founder, Bill Albright, purchased his first Hudson automobile. Bill, who grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, moved to California in 1966, where he later turned his hobby of bringing classic cars back to life into a flourishing business. 

Located in the heart of Fontana, Vintage Coach, became the place for car enthusiasts. Specializing in Hudson automobiles, Vintage Coach restored, sold, and even provided parts for any Hudson in need. Bill was known all around the world for his endless knowledge and advice on the Hudson automobile. His passion for the Hudson's was evident and throughout his career sold and bought over 500 cars, including to people such as, Jay Leno and Bruce Springsteen. 

After Bill's passing in 2009, Jason Fisher, Bill's grandson who worked with Bill 12 years prior to his passing, took over the Hudson ranch.

Vintage Coach still provides the same friendly and reliable service and parts to those car lovers in need. We have expanded and now have been enthusiastically providing service, parts, and restorations (both partial and complete) to any American made automobile.

Although our love for Hudson's remains the same, our passion for all classic autos continues to grow.